Recently Jackson invested in a new custom made suit, fitted by local suit-man Lin from Suitswell right here in Geelong. In our latest community post we here about how Lin was inspired to bring made-to-measure suits to local business men and soon to be women too. If you’re anything like me you will also learn a thing or two about various styles of suits and a little suit lingo also!

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1.I believe you have quite a personal story behind the birth of SuitsWell, are you able to share it with us?

Yes, I started the business because I couldn’t find a great tailored suit in Geelong for my wedding. So I went to Melbourne to order my made-to-measure suit. I saw an opportunity and I began to look for a partner to make custom suit for the local Geelong clients, it all came to being when we find a solid tailor on our honeymoon trip. And ever since, we have grown by opening a physical showroom. We now are working with one of the finest master tailoring team in the world, offering exclusive fabrics with incredible price.

2.What or who has inspired your love or quality and custom suits?

I was inspired by the Notorious, Conor McGregor’s brash suiting style, I think a well tailored suit really highlights a man’s physique. However, not all suits are created equal, Conor has a taste for bespoke made suiting, and so do I. The truth is most custom made-to-measure suits are made from generic patterns with adjustments. Our suits are genuine bespoke cut from scratch, by hand. It makes the client’s suit feel like a “second skin”.

3. I didn’t realise how many styles of suits there are ( Middle Easter, Easter, English etc) do you specialize in one style and if so can you tell us the key points of this style?

Yes, we specialize in the English suit. It’s our belief that there is no right or wrongs in which style you prefer. If you are looking for the middle eastern look, we will happily refer you to one of our friend who does that. The thing about English suits is that its versatile, it creates a strong visual impact, and is the most appropriate for business. That’s why I personally only wear the English style suit, it goes well with my personality.

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4. I have heard about a kind of suit making called “ Fitting Mold” are you able to share with us what this actually is and the benefits of such?

Yes Sara, we want to make sure that the client’s suit is as perfect as it can get when the client walks out the door. This is the reason why we title ourselves as bespoke tailor. By providing a sample try-on garment,( affordable and efficient) we allow our customers the options to decide on the final make of the garment with close to total accuracy. This is specifically helpful for a gentleman who may have some asymmetrical features. The fitting mold allows us to design and make suits that highlights you with the finest fit.

5. Like ours your service is very client centered can you tell me how you customize your service to each client?

Thank you, we aim to make sure that the client is always comfortable knowing that we have their best interest. We sometimes refer them to others if we think it is what they would be best suited for. But for those who do value the incredible joy of wearing custom tailored suits, we will continue to serve them with the best possible price, and with the most exciting products.

6. And finally it sounds like you’ve done a fantastic job setting up SuitsWell over the last couple of years, what are you plans for 2020?

We hope to open a brand new show room in 2020, as our lease will be scheduled to end at the Arcade (due to renovation) close to mid year. Our vision is the continual growth of the business by providing the highest and best product/service to the Greater city of Geelong. We have been enlarging our “club” as new clients continues to enjoy our custom clothing service. Please stay toned in by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and visit our official website page for seasonal updates.

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A big thank Linyou to Scott for taking the time to chat with us and be an active part of the Geelong business community.

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