We have just listened to a quick 22 minute podcast from Dave Anderson where he considers 6 handy ways to keep your thinking ‘above the line’, especially in a world crisis. A summary of points is below as is the link to the full podcast should you wish to listen.
Six Ways to Stay Up in Down Times – Dave Anderson
1. Don’t overload on media. Stay informed but don’t be obsessed.
2. Don’t engage in doomsday dialogue, worst case scenarios, what if this or what if that thinking.
3. DO – Speak in terms of opportunity, hope, solutions. What is the one next thing you can do? One step, one action, one decision that moves you towards where you want to be.
4. DO -Toughest one, especially when you have suffered loss of some kind (eg job, income). Inventory the benefits. Consider benefits of the current situation. Shift your focus to benefits and practice gratitude.
5. DO – focus on many aspects of your life you can control. Do not take energy away from what you can do, and where you can get results but what you can do is control your mindset, actions and thoughts.
6. DO- Help someone else. Reach out, be courteous, encourage, assume the best and wish others well. You will lift others and yourself.
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*Pic taken pre social distancing. Although seeing as we are partners in life and business, live in the same house and are part of the same family we feel that working together isn’t putting each other at additional risk

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