Generally speaking there are two ways in which Real Estate Agents are remunerated.

  1. Commission based sales agents need properties to sell to survive. Their pay is based on the number of sales that they make and they make decisions accordingly.
  2. A salary supplemented with commission providing the professional agent both financial security along with incentive is the second way that agents can be remunerated.

The professional agent has an obligation to sell your property at the highest possible price within the allotted time frame with as little financial risk to you (the client, home seller) as possible.

Here at Kardinia Property our sales team are paid via salary and supplemented with commission. This method is inline with our values of honesty and ethical practice. It allows our sales professionals to not rely on the sale of a property in order to pay their bills. A commission based agent does not have this luxury and as mentioned above, may act accordingly. Commission based sales agents can rely on the sale of a property to provide their income. Kardinia Property sales agents do not. How does this help you? What it means in that our agents are focused on you, and getting you the highest possible price as opposed to simply ticking the sales box with little consideration to price and whats best for the client.

If you are looking to sell your property in the Geelong area with a real estate agent who is not only a nice, normal person but also a gun negotiator AND will also have your best interests at heart contact our office today HERE

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