…SELL it for the HIGHEST price possible.

Let’s be honest: if you’re going to sell your home in today’s market, regardless of the agent you hire – you’re going to sell for a high price.

So where is the problem? There is often a significant difference between a high price for your property and the highest price achievable in today’s market.

In a seller’s market such as we’re seeing today, buyer demand is at unprecedented levels placing strong upward pressure on prices. Many homes are selling for prices well about the seller’s expectations. Yet, for every sale the question should be asked – would be buyer have paid more?

At Kardinia Property we use the SMART SALE to focus on always ensuring the buyer has paid their maximum for a particular property rather than a price the owners are satisfied, or even delighted with. We have recently achieved prices $27,000, $36,000, $82,000 and some up to $400,000 above what the sellers would have already considered a ‘high price’.

The SMART SALE ensures that these properties are sold for the highest price possible.


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