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In our second community post for the year we chat with Tim from Murrell group about their milestone celebration and how at 22 Tim was managing the whole company on his own !

Tim Murrell Group is currently celebrating an amazing milestone. Can you tell me more about this?

We are really proud of our history and we can hardly believe it but we are currently celebrating our 55 year of operation in the region! We’ve actually had three generations of management in that 55 year time frame with My Grandfather Gordon (who passed away in 2012 founding the company followed by my Father Daryl (who passed away in 2018) and now myself.

Wow! You are right- completely worth celebrating. So when you look 55 years back through until today what are the key points of growth for the business?

I think that our story is quite unique in a number of ways. We originally began in the taxi industry and grew into other forms of transport from there and we now focus on the premium end of the market with quite an extensive fleet of both limousines and charter buses (all of which you’ll see on our website).

My Father Daryl was an incredibly hard working man who spent the vast majority of his life grinding away at making our little family business the best that it could possibly be. He lacked any kind of formal education having left school in year 10 and really had to really on what he called “street smarts” and work ethic to get himself by.

In June of 2017 we received a very brutal blow when he was suddenly diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer. He unfortunately went downhill very rapidly and passed away just over a year later in August of 2019.

This diagnosis actually led to me taking on the management of the business at the ripe old age of 22 in an already very challenging time for both our family and business (and as you would probably know those two things kind of merge together in a family business).

It was pretty grueling to say the least but I’m really proud of how we’ve worked really hard to put a modern spin on a business with a long and proud history in the last couple of years.

real estate agent Geelong

So what does the next decade hold for Murrell Group?

We’ve had really strong growth in bookings and also have a small group of really dedicated staff and drivers who do an excellent job. I would hope that our values of being a small family business flow through to our customer service which we take a great deal of pride in and always strive to deliver an excellent transport experience no matter who our client may be and how they might be travelling with us.

I hear you have quite a unique staffing set up at the Murrell Group office currently.  How does that go on a day to day level?

We’ve even got two sets of siblings working in our office as my little sister Katrina works with me part time and Taylor (who is our office administrator) working with her little sister Stacey.

I hear you have personal transport for a bunch of different occasions. Can you share with us the what are a couple of events you have in the books currently that if people are thinking of booking transport for they may want to get in quick for? I imagine the Spring racing carnival might be one of them?

 The additional events: Definitely Day on the Green! The next one (when the blog is published in Jan) will be Rod Stewart on the 31st of October and we always book out several months in advance across the whole fleet. The event organisers actually have done an exceptional job bringing some huge events to the city in the last few years and we’re very lucky to be able to play our own little part in them.

And a little insider information from the boss, while I’ve got you…. If you were to plan your ideal day out with friends or family where would you go and what form of transport would you use to get there?

My ideal day out: Unfortunately I’m not very interesting! But I am fortunate to have the same close friends that I’ve had since High School so if I thought about my ideal day it would definitely have to involve spending time with them in some way. So the people I’m with are probably more important than the destination in that sense …….. But if we did happen to venture outside of Geelong I guess we’ve got a pretty good contact in a transport company!

real estate agent Geelong


If you would like to book some personal transport, transport for an event, special occasion or just for a treat you can contact Murrell Transport you can contact them via their website… HERE

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