After listening to Lisa McCleod discuss the Noble Truth in a recent podcast it really got me thinking about one of our main values here at Kardinia Property > working for our clients and ALWAYS putting them first. Lisa notes ” it’s not the work itself that kills our spirit. It’s doing work without meaning”.
Jackson and I both genuinely enjoy helping people. We will help people carry bags at the supermarket, help them pick up kids from school or help them learn about why selling their house now may not actually be a good idea (I know right!!). Being kind and helpful is normal to us, we expect it in our staff and it runs through our business.
Lisa goes onto mention that “Human beings are hardwired for meaning. We want our lives to count for something.” When we think about the one sentence that sums up the goal of Kardinia Property in its simplest form it is …… We want to help people.  It is really that simple and I think it comes back to the Noble Truth that Lisa speaks of. Knowing that in helping people sell their house in a smart and safe way avoiding the many pitfalls that can potentially come with a real estate transaction is awesome.
Late last year we helped an elderly couple sell their family home of 30 years. Before we chatted with them they we lost, void of information and education around real estate, which is not that uncommon. We ensured that they were safe during the sales process and beyond. They didn’t have to move out of their home and find temporary accommodation before their next property was ready. They didn’t have to pack up their home. They didn’t put their house up for public auction and risk spending thousands of dollars on unwarranted marketing and auction fees. We also helped them pocket and extra $29,000 in the sale of the property along with taking some fresh milk around to them one Saturday morning!
I could tell you many people stories, but in essence it is stories of people that provide us with purpose. Yes, we sell houses for families but really what I see what we do is help people, go the extra mile and more – it is inbuilt in both of us.
If you’d like to read more about the Noble Purpose you might like to visit Lisa’s site HERE.
An if you’d like us to help you, simply give us a call at the office on 5292 8084 we are always happy to help.

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