Rewind eighteen months back and we remember sharing the same message

“SELL SMART IN UNCERTAIN TIMES”. sell smart real estate geelong

Today with lockdowns, the delta strain and talks of lockouts instead of lockdowns this message continues to ring true. If you were, have or are considering moving during the pandemic you no doubt have considered the risk involved in selling in uncertain times.

When considering moving our advice is to gather all the information that you can before making any commitments. Knowledge truly is power. Gather information about sales methods, the agents you might choose to work with, cost and more.

Jackson Wilson, Kardinia Property director considers 8 elements that will need to consider when looking to make a move HERE.

Yes, it is a pandemic. Yes, the real estate market has changed during the pandemic. Yes, life goes on during a pandemic…. Babies are born, people change jobs, move locations, kids move schools.

If you find yourself wanting to make a move, give us a bell and we will talk you through the SAFEST way to sell. You won’t be left homeless, priced out the market or end up spending thousands on marketing only to be left in a lock-down!

Kardinia Property’s Smart Sale will protect you and our agents will work alongside you to achieve the absolute highest (as opposed to a high) price out there – it is our guarantee.



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