When you are selling your property no sign can mean no sale.  Think of your sign like your 24 hour salesperson, sometimes it can be one of your best sales people!

A “Forthcoming SALE” sign can also attract buyers who are actively seeking properties in your area. Sometimes the best offers can come in the first couple of weeks that your property is  “FOR SALE” publicly, which can at times including the time between when your sign first goes up and when your property photos are taken and appear online.

Two things to watch out for however are people knocking on your door directly which could cost you thousands of dollars if you are negotiating yourself. Secondly, watch out for other agents approaching you. These agents are simply to lazy to find their own properties. Send them packing, as their introductory line in reference to them having a buyer ready  is mostly likely not true. Buyers who are watching the internet sites and following the market will know when your house comes up for sale if they are serious about buying and simply call the number on the sign.  Think about it if these agents are trying to steal others agents clients they will most likely be deceitful in nature when dealing with you. Not what you want when the aim is a transparent process to achieve the highest price.

Our biggest tip is not to speak to buyers or agents who are not introduced through your Kardinia Property agent.

Our personalized marketing will ensure that we are able to attract the right buyers to your home. Our marketing is not a one size fits all approach and is reviewed weekly by our expert marketing staff.

If you are ready for a SIGN (or even if you’d just like a chat about selling your property) contact us HERE  we are always happy to help.


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