Here at Kardinia Property we pride ourselves on providing real estate service “as it should be”. Our staff are genuinely wanting the best for our clients. Time and time again we have people rave about how “lovely and caring” the staff are and that they “feel part of the family” when working with us.

Consideration number 1, choose genuine, caring people, real people…. you are after all, trusting them with the sale of one of your largest (if not the largest!) assets. If you feel that someone cares for you and you like them this is known as Affective Trust (that is the confidence one places in another on the basis of feelings generated by the level of care and concern the person demonstrates). This alone is not enough. Consideration number 2: You need to ensure you overlay this with a proficient sales strategy. This refers to the kind of trust known as Cognitive Trust. This is the kind of trust that is based on the confidence you feel in another person’s accomplishments, skills and reliability. In short a proven sales strategy and the agents negotiation skill. To ensure you select the right agent for you, drilling down into the details of the proposed strategy with robust questioning is paramount.

A lot of vendors only ask the tough questions once the campaign is underway. Does the agent delegate the buyer work to assistants and junior agents or are they deeply involved in the entire process? If the campaign is unsuccessful, who wears the risk, the agent or the vendor? The time to assert yourself is during the agent interview process. Are you satisfied that your agent has your interests ahead of their own and has the competence and skills to execute a proven strategy to deliver the highest price, not just a “SOLD” sticker? Are you completely aligned with the agent’s proposed sales campaign? Knowing what the agent will do after your home is for sale is more important than knowing what they have done to win your listing.

Gathering information in order to make a decision is a non-negotiable.

For a copy of the “8 Questions Smart Home Sellers Ask” simply contact our office.

Kardinia Property is based in Pakington Street, Geelong. We are a local family based business specializing in residential property sales and property management. If you are considering

either selling or leasing your property we can ensure 6 star service backed up with a proven sales strategy to ensure not just a high but the highest price is achieved. Jackson Wilson and Sara

Taylor-Wilson are the directors with support from Katie Rosani in Sales and Kate Trickett in Business Development and Office Management.

You will find us at 316 Pakington Street, Newtown (Geelong). 5292 8084.


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