Wellbeing of our clients, team and ourselves is high on our agenda here at Kardinia Property. When browsing the bookshop shelves, I often find myself drawn towards to the business and self-care sections. I love Torquay bookshop – if you are looking for a great shop for a browse (expect to purchase something though!) this is your store.

Blue Spaces – How and why water can make you feel better by Dr Catherine Kelly PH.D has been a recent favorite. The book explores wellbeing through the use of water. Dr Kelly explores the “Fives Ways to Wellbeing” …

  • Connect
  • Be active
  • Take notice
  • Keep learning
  • Give

The author then links each of the areas above to the use of water to assist in our wellbeing.  I connected this initially with my regular swim training group. I love to swim for a long time… 1,2,3 km. I can do it on my own and I am fine but what really gets me to swim sessions is the connection with the community of like-minded swimmers. Hence ticking off the “connect and be active” elements above. If I break it down further there is also the take notice, keep learning and give components that are also ticked off too.

Another point which I have intentionally tried to test out since finishing the book is popping my toes into the edge of the water, where the little waves stop for a spilt second before returning to the ocean and breathing in and out with the waves. Releasing or washing away any worries from the day as the water rushes back into the expansive ocean that it is, clearing the mind and resetting. I suppose it is a form of meditation in a way.

If you are either into being in, around or just close to water this book is an interesting read. Bluespace wellbeing and the principle and practices associated with it isn’t a new topic, but I did find it really interesting to connect the dots with some of the thing I am already doing and learn about some new areas in which I can assist myself and others in the wellbeing space. If it takes your fancy, let me know what you think, would love to hear your feedback.



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