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Stay Up Series: This is NOT a license for laziness (click HERE to listen direct)

During this time when the world is working through a Pandemic we have been exploring our mindset. At our office we call it “above the line thinking”.

After listening to Dave Anderson’s podcast “This is not a license for laziness” this morning I thought it might help a few others who might need a little lift to explore the content.

Dave explores the scenario in which confidence levels in some of us may be on the decline in this holding pattern of Covid 19. If your business or place of employment is shut down or you’re working under different conditions, it is hard. Some people’s identity is attached somewhat to their work. So, it stands to reason if you are not working or even if you are working but in different circumstances you might not be feeling as positive about yourself right now.

Normal outcomes have gone out of the window, there are no statistics to show us what is normal and what is not normal during a worldwide pandemic. Add to that possible financial worries, family worries and worries about the future and it is easy to see why confidence levels could well be on the decline.

Dave notes that not only might the current situation effect confidence but it may also start to diminish other aspects such as effort, energy, enthusiasm, sense of excellence, passion, attitude, focus and integrity. He encourages us to be aware of these things, aim to keep them ‘above the line’ so when it is time to return to action, we are ready to roll. This is not the off season it is the season of preparation.

Two principles are suggested throughout the podcast in order to support self-belief and confidence.

  1. When surrounded by disorder you cannot control, double down on the order you can control and create more of it. Being ordered, disciplined and productive will build your energy. Aim to keep your standards high, don’t compromise them and become lazy. Keep your routines, make the bed, exercise. Be ready for the next season. This is pre-season; it is when the hard work is done.
  2. Understand and apply the aggregation of disciplines to create improvements. Break that down and this one is about achieving many smaller things within your routine, managing your daily activities and outcomes, as this will create a compounding effect of confidence. Without knowing when this new normal will end it is hard to be outcome focused. Your joy must come from the process, the actions, the activities. Stick with them to create the right habits for when we do reach a time when we can resume being outcome focused. Don’t fall into the trap of aggregated daily regressions.

If you are like me,  at the moment I feel like I am treading water a little. As a business we are operating and 100% committed to looking after our clients.  As a business owner there is so much more than I would like to do but can’t ! I want to get out there and talk to people, help people be part of the community. I suppose I feel a little lonely. But this morning I have exercised, tidied the office for clear thinking, and have set my task list for the day. I am as Dave suggests going to focus on ticking off my to do list one by one, compounding each activity into a successful workday. Hope you can achieve a few awesome things today too.

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