Say hello to Sophie, our Sales Associate at Kardinia Property! When you step into our office, you will most likely be greeted by Sophie’s friendly face and positive energy. With her deep understanding of the Geelong property landscape and diverse skill set, she adds great value to our team.

To get to know her better, we asked Sophie a few questions, and here are her answers:

1) You are known around the office for being the office fashionista, what would you say your office style is and where do you get your inspiration from?

I am what they call a shopaholic! I love buying new clothes whenever I see something that I love! Fashion has become a prime interest of mine, as I’ve got older. When it comes to working in an office, I love picking my outfits every day. I tend to be the type of person that never wears the same thing each day, so I love changing it up. I would say I enjoy the sleek office chic type of look when it comes to office fashion. I like wearing blazers that have matching pants, can’t get enough of matching sets at the moment.

Most of my fashion inspo comes from social media platforms like Instagram. I follow my favourite clothing brands because I like to see how they style their new pieces. From here I get my inspo and favourite outfit trends. Glassons is definitely my go to for my corporate office attire, can’t get enough!

2) What has surprised you about selling property that you didn’t know before working with Kardinia property?

Since starting at Kardinia Property, I have learnt so many different things about real estate. When it comes to selling a property, I’ve learnt how important it is to develop relationships with people from the get-go. Communication is the keyway to holding these relationships. Also being yourself and chatting to people like their mates of yours, not just a business deal, is a key thing I have learnt about the process of selling a house.

3) When you come to work, what’s one thing that you enjoy tackling? What’s one thing you could do without doing?

When I come to work, I enjoy tackling whatever the day brings me. Every day in the office is different and I honestly just enjoy finding out what each day is going to bring. When it comes to tasks that I don’t particularly like, there is no certain job that I don’t look forward to doing. All my responsibilities are adequate and there is nothing that I could do without doing. There are days where I’m in the mood to do certain things more than others, but that’s on a rare occasion.

If you are thinking of making a move in and around the Geelong area and would like to learn more about Kardinia Property and our Smart Sale Strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 52928084. Our team is always here to help.

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