Are you looking to sell your home in Geelong? At Kardinia Property, we understand that selling your property is not just a transaction; it’s a significant milestone in your life. That’s why we offer The Smartre Sale Method – a proven approach designed to achieve the highest price while ALWAYS focusing on the interests of our sellers.

What is the SmartRE Sale?

The Smart Sale Method is a sales system which always has the seller’s best interest as the focus point. It allows the seller to obtain the best price by using proven marketing and negotiation techniques which we integrate into our sales process.

Experience the “SmartRE Sale” Strategy with Kardinia Property

• No Sale, No charge – We believe in our ability to sell your property. If for any reason your property doesn’t sell and is withdrawn from the market, you won’t be charged any fees. That’s our commitment to you.

• Transparent Pricing – We never market your property at a lower price than what you’re willing to accept. Under-quoting the property’s value only attracts buyers who may not be serious or can’t afford your property’s true value. We ensure that you get what your property is worth.

• Buyer Qualification – We thoroughly qualify all potential buyers to the best of our ability, ensuring they have the necessary finance, time frame, and property preferences to make a genuine purchase. You can trust that those who inspect your property are serious buyers.

• Cancellation Option – Your satisfaction matters to us. If you’re not happy with our performance, we’ll work to address your concerns within seven days. If your concerns persist, you have the right to cancel the agreement with no charges.

• Seller’s Rights – If you find a buyer independently, you won’t be liable for the full commission. We respect your right to sell or transfer the property to a close relative or partner if the opportunity arises.

• Customised Conditions – If you have specific conditions or requests, we are open to discussing and accommodating them in the agreement. Your needs are important to us. 

Why choose Kardinia Property?

Our mission to help people throughout the process of selling their property is supported through implementation of our values, professional standards and competency.

• Genuine Sales Team – The benefits of employing a genuine team are many. Your property never has a day off and a good team competes with one another for the highest price possible rather than the first price. Quality, stable teams are a hallmark of a good real estate company.

• Our ‘No Sale, No Charge’ Guarantee – No upfront costs for Marketing & Advertising, that’s our Guarantee.

• We offer a Service Guarantee – If you’re not satisfied with our service, you have the option to change providers.

• Ongoing Training – Our agents continually invest in training, ensuring they have the marketing and negotiation skills needed for successful sales.

• Tailored Approach – We understand that every seller has unique requirements, and we’re committed to meeting them. Whether it’s time, price, or privacy, we’ll work with you to achieve your goals.

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