Your guide to planning a Smart Sale

The aim of any sale for the seller and their agent is to maximize the final sale price within the agreed time frame. For the property seller and buyer, simplicity leads to exceptional outcomes.

The Smart Sale Method is a sales system which always has the seller’s best interest as the focus point. It allows the seller to obtain the best price by using proven marketing and negotiation techniques drawn from many different fields then integrated to Real Estate Sales.

There are many different methods of sale and marketing.  We have deliberately cherry picked the best aspects of these and left the bad bits out, to put together a planned campaign based on systematically obtaining the highest price possible for our sellers as efficiently as possible. There is a lot behind what, how and why we do things, hence why we call it our Smart Sale Method of Sale.

We look forward to discussing the Smart Sale method with you and demonstrating how we will work with you, to maximise the final sale price of your property. We will also explore myths of common sales strategies which do not prioritise the seller’s best interests, so you are fully informed when it comes time to make a decision about which sales method to go with.

Key benefits of the Smart Sale Strategy

  • A higher price for your property
  • No risk of financial loss at any time
  • A tailored deliberate approach to getting you from A to B on the Sales Roadmap

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