A service unlike any other, our personalised home finder program takes the hard work out of finding a home for you.

Sometimes it’s frustrating trying to find the right home. Sometimes you may wish that an agent actually took you seriously and proactively searched for a home on your behalf.

Our personalised home finding service will do just that.

At your request, we will meet and target home owners that fit the description of the property you are looking for, and match them to your requirements. Many sellers also find the sale process stressful and just wish the right buyer would walk in. Our discreet introduction service can facilitate this (yes, we know it sounds like a dating service, but hey, it works).

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Current buyers waiting

Moved from Melbourne wants to buy.

Matt and the family are currently renting in Geelong after moving from Melbourne late last year. They are keen to purchase a property in which they can call home for many years to come.  With a budget of $1.2 million preferred suburbs are Newtown, Highton, Belmont, or surrounds. Three or more bedrooms and two bathrooms would be ideal.  They have a caravan and would like to store this at home if possible and also would like a 2-car garage. Some space for the kids to play in the yard, which does not need to be massive, is on the wish list also.  If you have been thinking of selling or know someone who has been please give Jackson a call at the office on 5292 8084.

Property Wanted in Geelong College Precinct.

David is looking to buy a family home in the “Geelong College Precinct” ideally between La Trobe Terrace and Shannon Ave. A property with a minimum of 3 bedrooms would suit and he is keen on a block size of over 600m2 if possible. Also, on the wish list is either an existing pool or space to add a pool after purchase. They are happy to renovate or update if needed but would prefer the property to be in live-able condition. With a budget up to $1,700,000 for a place that ticks all the boxes he is keen to secure something as soon as possible.  If you have a property that suits or know someone who has and have been considering selling, please call Jackson at the office on 5292 8084.

Hampton feel in Highton or Belmont.

Anthony and Michaela are on the search! They are looking in Highton and Belmont and are drawn to properties with a Hamptons vibe. They would prefer a newer home as opposed to an older home that has been renovated but would consider this if the renovation was top notch. With 3 or 4 bedrooms, 2 bathroom and either 1 or two living areas single level, spilt level or two story is fine. Their two little dogs do require some yard space, but an overly massive yard is not necessary.  As a young professional couple with a family to come they are ready to purchase with a budget up to $900,000 for the ideal place to call home. If you have a property that suits and have been thinking of selling or know someone who is, please call Katie at the office on 52928084.

House for two kids and a cocker spaniel.

Michelle and John have a toddler, cocker spaniel and baby due soon and need to buy a house!  After selling in Hamlyn Heights they are looking to purchase a family home, ideally before the baby arrives. Ideally the property would have 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 living zones.  They like both period and modern homes but would prefer a block size of 650m2 or so. The floor plan needs to work for young children with parent and children’s bedrooms ideally close to each other. Preferred suburbs include Hamlyn Heights, Manifold Heights, Newtown, Fyansford and Herne Hill. For a property that ticks all the boxes their budget is $1,100,000.  If you have been thinking of selling or know someone who has been give Sara a call at the office on 5292 8084.