By Sara Wilson

It’s a popular question in real estate. Most sellers are reluctant to sell during the holiday season because they mistakenly believe that people aren’t in a ‘buying mood’ over Christmas and won’t get the best possible price. In truth, the success of your sale isn’t determined by the time of year, but by the integrity of your agent.

Why do people wait to sell until after Christmas?

Before the digital age, it was true that real estate markets would slow down considerably over the holidays. This is because agencies would shut up shop for a definitive period and not be contactable until they reopened a week or two into the new year. Nowadays, with eager buyers and digital functionality, houses can be listed, enquired about, viewed and toured online at all hours of the day and night. Even so, some sellers hold off listing their homes until the new year. This may be a personal preference for sellers who don’t want to start the process until they get back from their own holidays, but Christmas itself isn’t a reason to delay. The right agent will get you the right price by asking you the right questions, regardless of whether the Christmas tree has gone up yet. 

Yes, the market is on the quieter side in terms of buying and selling when compared to the rest of the year, but you may be surprised to hear there are actually advantages to listing and selling over the holiday period.

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Selling your home over the holiday period could mean less competition from other sellers.

Why sell your house over the Christmas period?

If you have an agent you can trust who offers you a proven sales strategy, you are just as likely to sell for the price you want as you would at any other time of year. There are more advantages than you think when it comes to selling your property over Christmas. Because a lot of sellers believe they may not get the price they want during this period, you could have less competition if you list your house at this time. In terms of seasons, it is a good opportunity to be able to show your house with open windows and plenty of light and fresh air. Because this period sees some people distracted with holiday plans, determined buyers will use this to their advantage and get their foot in the door first. 

This means while you may see slightly less interest, you are more likely to encounter serious buyers. And don’t forget, Christmas is a time for giving. People have a generosity of spirit in the festive season that could see them willing to dig a little deeper than usual in order to secure a home for their family or themselves.

Finally, we can never fully predict what the market is going to look like in even a month’s time. While the Geelong property market remains strong, selling sooner than later could still make a difference in the final sale price.

A few selling hints for the Christmas period

Start with an agent who has your best interests at heart

If you get this aspect right, everything else will follow. They will be able to tell you what the market is really doing (rather than what the media is reporting) and will suggest the best price that will generate the most interest and/or offers.

Prepare for a slower settlement

Even though you may have buyers who want to snap up your home as soon as it is on the market, there may be a delay in the actual sale process. This is because banks, brokers, lawyers and conveyancers may be out of the office for a time and will take longer than usual to process the paperwork.

Photos before decorations

If your home does take a bit of time to sell, images of your home featuring Christmas decorations can be a timestamp giveaway of when the property was first listed. To ensure your property pictures remain evergreen, it’s probably best to deck the halls after the photo shoot or take them down when the photographer attends. 


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An agent that has your best interests at heart will get the best price for your property, no matter the season.

Want the best price for your property?

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