Hello there, it is me Sara. When I kicked off writing this post I started by sharing a little about myself in the third person and the idea of to present a series of Questions to the reader and answering them interview style.

I didn’t even get beyond the first word before I decided to simply tell you a little about myself, straight from the heart.

Where : I grew up here in Geelong and have lived here most of my adult life. I spent a tiny bit of time living in Melbourne when I was studying at University.

What : Interestly my first University degree was in Human Movement – sporty stuff. I then followed with a teaching degree.

Before : Before being here at Kardinia Property running the day to day operations of the business I spent 10 years as a school teacher and another 10 years running my own small business – Sara Taylor Photography. I am crossing paths now with many of my past photography clients who are upsizing, downsizing or starting another phase of their lives and wanting to sell their properties – which is beautiful.

What I do : I have a passion for business so I am fortunate to be in a position where I am able to use my business knowledge to develop the business and staff here at Kardinia Property. Visual Marketing is also a favorite so all of the marketing falls under my banner along with client care.

Next : Jackson and I look forward to continuously expand our skills and knowledge in order to best support our client and provide them with the best possible outcomes. When I look back working with and helping people appears to be a common thread amongst my professional career.

Thank You : I would like to say Thank You for all of the individuals and businesses that have supported Kardinia Property to date, we are looking forward to a fantastic future.

Sara Tayrlor Kardinia Property

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